Hope King was with Mark Mahaney, Managing Director and Lead Internet Analyst at RBC Capital Markets, for a roundup of tech companies including Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix. Starting with Facebook's controversy with Russia, Mahaney says he believes Mark Zuckerberg wasn't initially aware of how serious the security issue was. With the recent commitments to beef up security efforts, Mahaney thinks Zuckerberg finally gets it. As a result, he sees lower odds of another issue of this magnitude occurring again. Amazon meanwhile isn't slowing down its efforts to disrupt every industry it can get its hands on. While Mahaney points out that the e-commerce giant couldn't crack the code to shake up the phone industry, he does emphasize that Amazon should get involved in any business involving logistics or scale. Mahaney finishes up by breaking down Alibaba, Netflix, and Twitter. When it comes to Alibaba, watch out for its emergence in cloud software, retail, and payments. For Netflix, the top-rated analyst says he thinks the amount the company is spending on content is "just right."