By Christian Smith

The rapper Maino is looking pretty comfortable these days, sporting classic Mindblower sneakers and throw-back velour tracksuits.

The "All the Above" hitmaker is one of 47 collaborators who partnered with FILA to relaunch the company's classic line. The 43 year-old rapper has been a fan of the brand since he was young, and he would see men in FILA velour track suits all around Brooklyn ("Velour" is also the name of one of the rapper's latest singles.)

New York style has changed a few times over since the days of velour track suits, but Maino wants to bring it back to the good old days with his new shoe.

"I wanted to design something that felt like Brooklyn," the rapper said in an interview on Cheddar Friday. "FILA meant a lot. It was a brand that kind of came from the street."

The redesigned Mindblowers sell for $109 a pair, and are available on FILA's website.

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