MakeSpace CEO: Public Storage Companies Are Like Blockbuster

May 24, 2016
Updated 8mo ago
CEO of MakeSpace Sam Rosen stopped by the Cheddar set to explain his on-demand storage business, which he claims is set to disrupt the $27 billion storage industry. Rosen said if he were an investor, he would short publicly traded companies like Extra Space Storage (EXR) and Public Storage (PSA) who may be performing well now, but continuously face increasing rent and are constrained by the local real estate market. “We are going to do to them what Blockbuster did to Borders,” said Rosen on Tuesday. Since the average person will not travel more than 20 minutes to access their storage facility, MakeSpace is able to combat this “lack of access” by picking up the storage of its customers and re-delivering it right to their doorstep when they need an item. When asked what the weirdest, appropriate for air item he stored in one of his facilities, Rosen said a moose head makes the top of his list. Extra Space Storage and Public Storage did not immediately respond to Cheddar’s request for comment.