Facebook wants to make a social impact and is asking itself, “What are we able to do for the world?”

Asha Sharma, the product lead for social good at the company, told Cheddar that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized having a positive impact on the world.

“We were able to bring blood donations to life in the last half,” she said in an interview. “We were able to launch Mentorship and Support, which is a new program, we’re going to continue to invest in new features in crisis response and charitable giving.”

Sharma said in a blog post Thursday that the company is teaming up with companies such as Lyft, Chase, and Feeding America to build on its Crisis Response platform, where users mark themselves as safe and provide and ask for help during times of crisis.

The platform launched a year ago and so far users have engaged more than 750,000 times via posts, comments, and messages. Sharma says the most frequently visited categories are volunteer opportunities, shelter, and food and clothing donations.

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