Here is a rundown of Cheddar News' top trending market stories of the day. 
It's going to be a busy week for Wall Street. The Federal Reserve is announcing its next rate hike on Wednesday, and Big Tech is dropping a slew of quarterly results. Meta is releasing earnings on Wednesday, and Amazon, Apple, and Google parent Alphabet are all releasing on Thursday. Traders are betting that the Fed delivers a modest 25 basis point hike, marking a deceleration of this tightening cycle. As for the earnings, investors will be tuned in for signs of how the tech sector might fare in the coming year after several high-profile rounds of layoffs. 
Microsoft and OpenAI requested that a San Francisco court toss out a class-action lawsuit accusing the firms of improperly monetizing open-source code in their artificial-intelligence systems. The companies said the anonymous copyright owners who filed the complaint were not specific enough in their allegations. The plaintiffs maintain that they used the open source code in a program called Copilot without complying with licensing terms.  
Amazon is adding a fee to Fresh grocery orders that cost less than $150. It said the extra charge is designed to keep prices down across its services. The delivery fee is $9.95 for orders under $50, $6.95 for orders between $50 and $100, and $3.95 for orders between $100 and $150. “This service fee will help keep prices low in our online and physical grocery stores as we better cover grocery delivery costs and continue to enable offering a consistent, fast, and high-quality delivery experience,” the company said.