By Samantha Errico

"Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer has transformed rundown, unprofitable bars into thriving businesses. Now, he's on a mission to save something else ー marriages.

After realizing about 30 of the "Bar Rescue" establishments had married couples, it was only natural for the Paramount Network to expand the 'Rescue' franchise with the addition of "Marriage Rescue."

"If I couldn't fix the marriage, I couldn't fix the business," Taffer told Cheddar Friday.

Though Taffer isn't a therapist, his approach to business is what's helping him coach these couples into realizing if they are meant to be together or not. Unlike a typical marriage counselor who insists on weekly sessions, Taffer has only four days to put these relationships to the test.

"On 'Marriage Rescue,' there is no next week," he said.

When it comes to building a successful relationship, Taffer looks at six key elements: significance, love and connection, continuity, contribution, variety, and growth. As these are beneficial to a personal relationship, according to the show's host, they are also elements that define a great business partnership.

You can also shut down the idea of "Bar Rescue" ending just yet either, because the series has been picked up for a seventh season.

Taffer has been transforming businesses for over four decades. With "Bar Rescue," he has been managing establishments and has an eye on what's working in the hospitality industry. In the future of culinary, he believes technology will be at the forefront.

"I suggest to you that in five to seven years from now when you go to a fast-food hamburger place, that meat is going to be unpacked, cooked, turned into a burger without any human hands touching it," Taffer predicted.