By Bridgette Webb

Marvel is launching its first-ever VR video game next weekー'Marvel Powers United' makes its debut on July 26.

Bill Rosemann, Executive Creative Director at Marvel Games, said the title is really about wish fulfillment.

"It unleashes that fantasy, that ultimate fantasy of being the Marvel character," he told Cheddar in an interview Friday. "You look down, and you don't just look like Captain Marvel or Captain America. You have their powers."

But VR systems and games have failed to meet the expectations of manufacturers, and sales of VR headsets are slumping, according to data company Thinknum.

Rosemann thinks this game could change that.

"You have a record number of people around the world seeing our films, watching our TV shows and playing our games. In the VR space, to actually be your favorite hero along with your friendsー I think that's what it's going to take."

'Marvel Powers United' will be available through Oculus, the virtual reality company Facebook bought in 2014 for $2 billion, bundled with its Rift VR headset for $399.

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