Dana Wollman, Executive Editor at Engadget and Michael Simon, Writer for PC World, join Cheddar for the second day in a row to discuss testimony on Russia's use of social media to meddle in the 2016 election. We discuss the questioning pointed at Facebook, Twitter, and Google in order to understand just how widespread misinformation was on their platforms. The executives faced questioning from the House and Senate Intel Committees Wednesday, with House members putting Facebook ads on display during the hearing. Some received tens of thousands of likes and millions of impressions. Dana discussed the ads, noting that many of them simply played on race issues already existing in America. Michael agrees that the ads made clear that their purpose was to play on our own fears as a society and to divide the nation further. Cheddar Host Tim Stenovec discusses a statement released by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that stated: "Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits." This statement made in reference to Facebook's intention to invest heavily in artificial intelligence that will help the company in more control of its accounts and the information placed on the platform. However, investment in the technology would see operating expenses rise 45% to 60%, cutting heavily into profits. Simon notes his belief that Zuckerberg is serious about this investment. Dana delves deeper into Representative Adam Schiff's interrogation of the perceived slow response that Facebook took to understand the spread of misinformation on its platform. She adds that the issue here is the algorithm, noting the controversy over the type of content it favors. Michael discusses the dark side of social media, which the Russia investigation has exposed, adding that he is not sure if we will ever actually know just how widespread these Russian ads really were. Dana notes that she can't give a specific time frame, but she expects this investigation to lead to legislation sometime in the near future.