For the first 420 with legalized recreational cannabis in Massachusetts, the fledgling industry is gearing up for big crowds and a focus on edibles.

Amanda Rositano, the director of compliance for NETA, the New England Treatment Access (NETA) dispensary, spoke to Cheddar in Brookline.

"We do expect that it's going to be quite busy this weekend and we're ready for it," Rositano said. She noted that the statewide cannabis industry has grown "relatively slow" in its first four months, but said it's giving NETA the opportunity to set the bar for other states considering cannabis legalization.

This year, Rositano said, the big seller will be edibles: "This is a foodie 420 for us," she said. NETA is even dropping its own cookbook Saturday, in which it will feature recipes to make edibles using the proper dosing.

"This is a day to celebrate but to do so in a way that's respectful, responsible, and safe," she said.