Actress Maude Apatow, star of the upcoming movie "The House of Tomorrow," said she learned everything she knows about the movie business from her famous parents ー Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.

"I think they've literally taught me everyting about acting," said Apatow in an interview on Cheddar on Monday. "Every choice I've madeー they've helped me through."

Apatow, 20, is taking a break from her studies at Northwestern University as she considers what's next in her acting career.

The movie, an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Peter Bognanni, also stars Asa Butterfield, who plays a sheltered teenager raised inside a geodesic dome by his grandmother.

"The dome is essentially the most eco-friendly, sustainable way of living," said Butterfield, 21. "Everything is stripped down, and its really just about the performances."

Apatow said the movie addresses "relatable" themes including friendship, family, and the struggles of growing up. It hits theaters on April 27.

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