Meet Pepper, the Humanoid Robot That May Be Coming to a Business Near You

April 17, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

The software developer Luxoft is teaming up with Softbank Robotics America to bring its humanoid robot Pepper to life.

"This is about making robots accessible to the market," said Sam Mantle, the managing director of digital enterprise at Luxoft. He said the technology could be used by a number of different industries, including travel, retail and hospitality.

Pepper, standing about three feet tall, uses data collected by the entire population of Peppers and the cloud, allowing each of the robots to share and growing aggregate intelligence. This enables each Pepper to improve the customer experience, said Mantle.

He added that the technology behind humanoid artificial intelligence is still so new that developers are just beginning to explore how it can help businesses.

"There's always the 'watch out,' there's always the incidences where we can be manipulated, but I think that those sometimes overshadow the real benefits that these types of solutions can bring," he said.

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