Sony is out with its next generation robotic pup. The new "Aibo" features 22 types of motions ranging from tail-wagging, to scratching a "digital itch." The robot, only currently available in Japan, is also equipped with LTE and a compatible smartphone app. But it costs a pretty penny at $1,739, plus a monthly subscription fee, and minimum three-year commitment. Nerdist Senior Editor Dan Casey says this gadget is perfect, if you "love dogs but hate money." Casey says this is unattainable for most consumers, and doesn't see the technology being adopted in the United States anytime soon. These robots are popular in Japan because it is a country focused on futurism, says Casey. While it feels like an episode out of Black Mirror, Casey says consumer reliance on artificial assistants is becoming more of the norm. Sony's "Aibo" is available for pre-order, and will go on sale in January 2018.