The 2017 elections saw states and cities across the country usher in a wave of unprecedented diversity.'s Rebecca Nelson joins us with a roundup of the season's most historic winners. Danica Roem's victory makes her the first openly-transgender state legislator to be seated in the United States. Nelson discusses why the win is sending such strong ripples across the nation. She tells us Roem's big win is made even more significant given that it comes during the Trump era. Nelson says the Roem's election can be seen as a rebuke to the Trump administration's curtailing of transgender rights. She also tells us what it was like spending time on the campaign trail with Roem, admitting that she did not think her election was possible just a few months ago. Then we put the win in perspective; Roem wasn't the only candidate to make Virginia history this year. The state also elected its first Asian-American female, openly lesbian, and Latina candidates. As for why these candidates came out on top, Nelson says it's because they focused on issues that mattered to voters.