Meet the Author Who "Infiltrated" Trump's America

February 12, 2018

Hillary Clinton changed the political dictionary when she described some Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables" in September 2016. Author Harmon Leon joins Cheddar to discuss going undercover in Trump's America for his new book, "Meet the Deplorables." He specializes in "infiltration" journalism and shares stories from his unforgettable experience.

Leon explains how he set out to better understand the factors that led to President Trump's election. As part of his research, Leon spent time with Anti-Muslim hate groups and people taking part in conversion therapy. Leon describes his experiences and shares how they gave him a new perspective on the election.

Leon considers what about Trump's cult of personality is so powerful to about a third of American voters. The author reveals whether he thinks these voters will remain politically engaged after President Trump's time in public office is over.

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