As part of Cheddar's partnership with WeWork, we are introducing our viewers to start-up founders disrupting industries. The three co-founders of photo-sharing platform Blurr Technologies, Sam Marley, Daniel Korman, and Daniel Arvidsson, join to discuss how they were inspired to launch their company in college.

The founders of Blurr Technologies were freshman-year roommates at Northeastern University, hailing from three different continents. They were also teammates on the varsity soccer team. Marley says they were inspired to launch this company after experiencing how difficult it was to get access to photos taken around them in college. So they launched a photo-based sharing app. Now, the company is shifting gears to offer a business-to-business solution for events.

Blurr Technologies creates a geo-fence around events, and every picture taken by anyone is added to the shared album through this platform. Korman says their technology goes beyond a shared hashtag, because the user experience is frictionless. The company has since raised $250,000 in funding, and is a member of the WeWork community.