Merging Tech and Reading with New-Age Toys

November 6, 2017
Before Natalie Rebot was a toy maker, she was a mom and a Google exec. But after she saw how excited her daughter got whenever it was time to "play and read," she had an idea for a brand new toy. Natalie created "Moonlite," and took the idea to Kickstarter. After gaining huge traction, Natalie partnered up with Spin Masters toys and her tech is on the shelves of Target stores today! Natalie joins Cheddar to explain her inspiration and give a tutorial on the easy tech. Utilizing projector technology and an iPhone, Natalie has built a mobile toy to facilitate reading. Natalie is also joined by Jim Silver, Founder of Toys, Tots, Pets and More and toy industry expert. Silver breaks down how Toys 'R' Us got caught in the middle of a major industry shift, and was unable to pivot. Silver gives his take on the industry as a whole, and what factors have been driving the most change. In his opinion, online shopping and the changing landscape of promotion and marketing have left retailers in the dust. He also believes retailers need to figure out a way to replicate the "impulse aisle buy" in the digital space. Kids are no longer passing by small toys and candy as their parents are checking out. And finally, Silver gives his take on Rebot's toy. He is a fan because of the use of tech and the focus on reading.
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