Meta showed off the new Quest Pro virtual reality headset at this year's CES expo and touted the headset's uses in the workplace.
The upgraded headset from Facebook's parent company uses augmented reality so that a user can interact with both the virtual and real world.
The idea behind Meta Quest Pro is not only to improve how employees interact, particularly those in remote environments, interact and collaborate but to also provide a workspace that isn't confined to real world limitations. For instance, architects, interior designers, and even construction companies can benefit from building out projects in an augmented reality.
When it comes to collaboration, Meta Quest Pro eliminates barriers between employees that are in different locations. After a few simple clicks and swipes, a worker in California can link up with a co-worker in New York City for project collaboration despite being nearly 3,000 miles apart.
"It's made for collaboration and creativity," Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, said when the product was revealed in October. "One of the challenges for distributed work is how to bring people together to interact in a shared space. If a few people are in a conference room and a few more are dialing in, the experience is just never really that great. So, we're building a better way using everything Quest Pro brings to the table."
While the technology is a bump up from the Quest 2, so is the price: the Pro starts at $1,099, a jump from the Quest 2, which starts at $399.