#MeToo and the Military

February 12, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

The past six months has seen the #MeToo movement spread through nearly every industry, but the military has been fighting reports of sexual misconduct for decades. Task & Purpose's Stephanie Russell-Kraft joins Cheddar to discuss what she learned from service members about their experiences with sexual assault. Nearly 15,000 members of the military said they were assaulted in 2016.

Russell-Kraft reveals what factors led to fewer than a third of those victims reporting their experiences. The reporter surveyed over 145 people across all branches and military ranks in her latest piece. She shares some of the stories that stuck with her most in her investigation.

Finally, Russell-Kraft breaks down the efforts currently underway that aim at solving this pervasive problem. A number of military and legislative programs are currently in place to help reduce sexual misconduct. She explains why they haven't worked, and what can cure what the Department of Defense describes as a "continuum of harm."