Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich. 11 District), who met with President Joe Biden at a Ford facility tour in Dearborn on Tuesday, said that following the visit, she believes the president’s American Jobs Plan is on target to roll back the production of combustion engine vehicles. But, Stevens noted that while switching over to electric vehicles is inevitable, phasing out gas-powered cars that are already on the road will be a taller task. “My mom’s been driving her same Jeep Cherokee for almost 15 years now, and that’s a great car. Are you going to go to that same consumer and say ‘You can’t drive that car?’” she said. The congresswoman explained that even getting EVs to 100 percent of NEW car sales is quite a ways off. She also indicated that some Republican congressional members are engaging in revisionist history in their opposition to the forming of a January 6 investigative commission.