Daniel Rubino, Executive Editor of Windows Central, and David McCabe, Tech Reporter at Axios, join Cheddar to discuss the official announcement of Microsoft's Surface Book 2. The laptop will go on sale November 12th and will come in two sizes. Microsoft's recent strategy has been to steer clear of products and go towards the cloud with its Azure business. However, the reason why the Surface Book 2 was announced in tandem with the release of Windows 10 is that the prior Surface Books aren't capable of running the mixed reality platforms the Windows 10 update offers. Rubino explains how this is clear case of the company's hardware driving software...and software driving hardware. He thinks Microsoft will continue to do that because it's worth it for the bottom line. But how will the Surface Book 2 compete with Apple's MacBook Pro? McCabe says this announcement sets the pace for Microsoft to be the winner in this space. Rubino was able to test some of the laptops and says the software and design are very impressive.