Rapper Kiari Kendrell Cephus better known as "Offset," or one-third of the hip hop group Migos announced in 2019 he was investing in FaZe Clan which is one of the biggest and most influential organizations in competitive gaming. 
The rapper had connected virtually with a kid from Florida, Eric Pedro Cruz or "Philosophy," who had aspirations of becoming a professional competitive gamer. After introducing Offset to Faze Clan, Cruz died last year just days before Offset announced his partnership with the esports team. 
"The first person to introduce me to the organization is a kid by the name of Philosophy, R.I.P." Offset told Cheddar Esports. "I played the game with him plenty of times, and he was letting me know that I should get with a gaming company."
FaZe Clan's massive following has to do with its history of winning and its popular streetwear merchandise. However, Offset had first noticed the organization a few times on social media. "I knew FaZe a little bit because I would see them on social. Then I sat down with Clinton Sparks from FaZe Clan and had a meeting, I invested, and I became an owner," he said. 
Offset used his platform to bring the organization to his hometown of Atlanta and invited 200 kids to watch the team's first home series, which included a donation to the American Cancer Society and a performance from FaZe Clan. 
"I was able to bring out 200 kids who were not so fortunate to afford to have a game or be able to come. The whole event was fire, to see the kids go through the experience," he said. 
Offset is not the only rapper venturing into the gaming world. Drake became a co-owner of the esports organization 100 Thieves in 2018 and in 2019 Wiz Khalifa partnered with the esports organization in his hometown, Pittsburgh Knights.  
The Migos rapper, who also noted that he's a big gamer himself, challenged multiple celebrities to play him Mortal Kombat. He also said that hip hop and esports can provide resources and create new opportunities for everyone.  
"I feel like with esports it's a big community for everybody and not centered towards any negativity. It's all positivity, it's all bringing kids to do one thing, and it was really important for me to bring it home," Offset said. 
Adding to his long list of superlatives, the rapper will also be making his acting debut on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles premiering March 1.