Cody Gough, host and editor of's Podcast, joins Cheddar to share some tips for how to behave at the Thanksgiving Day table. His number one rule: don't talk politics! He says that talking about the state of Trump's administration may be okay after dinner, but at the physical table you should stick with positive and uplifting conversations. He says to always remember three things when it comes to manners: consideration, respect, and honesty. If you honor all those things then you probably are behaving appropriately in any given setting. He discusses how technology has changed the perception of good manners. People are unsure if it's okay to use their phones at the table because they are so common in everyday life now. He suggests ditching the phone and maybe using a voice-assisted device if you need to Google something. That way the whole family can join in on the conversation. Plus, is it rude to take a nap after you gobble down that turkey? We hope not! The science behind why you get sleepy after you eat may not be what you think. Gough says some studies have found that an influx of carbohydrates has a much greater effect on your sleepiness than turkey ever could alone. So if you have a few rolls with your turkey be prepared to take a nice, long nap on the couch!