Mistrust Grows After OnlyFans Flip Flops on Adult Content

When Only Fans announced that they would be blocking adult content on the platform, creators like Pyra Faye were shocked and disheartened.
"A lot of us found out about the changes that they were planning to make in the news before they notified us directly," Only Fans content creator Pyra Fae told Cheddar News' Michelle Castillo. "And for those adult content creators who are invested and have spent time building a following on OnlyFans, the initial news was scary, as many of us wondered if we would be able to maintain the financial commitments we made based off of our OnlyFans income."
The company has since changed stances, saying it would suspend its initial ban on sexually explicit content. But Pyra Fae said the damage has been done as she's noticed website traffic decline, which has impacted her business. In addition, creators are growing wary of building status on a platform that can ban them at a moment's notice.
"As people heard the news, they became less trustworthy of OnlyFans," she said.
Platforms like OnlyFans are important for those in the adult industry because they provide a safe digital space without having to face the dangers of in-person interactions. In addition, these sites allow men and women to control more of the revenue if their content does well rather than be forced to accept one-time payments. But as credit card companies crack down on providing services to companies that may have illegal content, many of them are finding their content doesn't have an online home.
Updated September 3, 2021 at 2:00 pm ET to correct byline.
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