Montage International has luxury hotels all over the U.S. and recently announced it will be opening its first international location in Cabo, Mexico. Montage International CEO & Founder, Alan Fuerstman sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith to talk about the brand's growth over 15 years and how they ensure luxury across all properties.

Fuerstman explains that luxury is all about the experience and that is what sets the Montage apart from other luxury hotel brands. He explains that guests come back over and over because they feel like they are at home at their hotels and that is a testament to the staff, which has a very low turnover rate.

He explains that Montage is getting ready to open up its first international hotel in Cabo, Mexico and that one will also focus on bringing a luxury experience to hotel guests.

Fuerstman also describes his personal love of the hotel business and describes working his way up from a bellboy to owning his own luxury hotel chain. He says he's always loved hotels and continues to love what he does.