Morgan Creek Blockchain Exec: Regulators Will Mandate Tokenized Equity

May 17, 2018

By Jacqueline Corba

The hedge fund Morgan Creek is betting on the power of blockchain to digitize company equity.

The fund's blockchain group is focused on converting traditional paper equity into tokens. This can create a more open free market for investors, and can help regulators, said Anthony Pompliano, a partner at Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital.

"The blockchain actually manages not only the equity or the capital stack but also all transactions with that equity," he said in an interview with Cheddar.

Morgan Creek Capital Management will invest $500 million in blockchain technology. The hedge fund acquired Pompliano's Full Tilt Capital in March, two months after Full Tilt went all in on cryptocurrency.

"In the digital world what ends up happening is the protocol in which these transactions are happening has the rules written into them, so the rules are written in software and would not let me make a non compliant trade," Pompliano said. "We actually think that the regulators, at some point in the future, are going to mandate that every company in the world tokenizes their equity."

For the full interview, click here.

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