Now it's time for our Morning Tea,  a look at the entertainment and celebrity stories making headlines. 
New details are emerging about Carrie Fisher's last film. Here's a look at Fisher in the upcoming fantasy movie Wonder Well, which co-stars Rita Ora. Deadline is reporting that the film has a theatrical release date of June 23. Fisher finished her part on the project in 2016, just six weeks before she passed away. The movie centers around a young girl who discovers an imaginary world called Wonder Well, where she meets Fisher's character who becomes her guide. 
British comedian and actress Miriam Margolyes is baring -almost- all for British Vogue's Pride Month issue. Margolyes, who may be best known for her role as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter franchise, appeared on her first Vogue cover at age 82. She reflected back on the challenges she faced coming out in 1966, when being gay was still illegal in the UK, though she added that she never had any shame about being gay. Margolyes met her life partner Heather Sutherland in 1967, but the couple never cohabitated together. She said in an interview "I wanted my cake and I wanted to eat it too." 
Rita Wilson is spilling on why Tom Hanks turned down a role in When Harry Met Sally. Wilson appeared on the podcast Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi and revealed Hanks was offered the lead role in the film, but turned it down because he was going through a divorce at the time and that he couldn't relate to the character. She said Hanks was "very happy to not be married" at the time.