Now it's time for Morning Tea, a look at the entertainment and celebrity stories making news.
Two new movies hit theaters this weekend, so we're breaking down their box office performance. Debuting in the number one spot was Warner Bros.' The Flash. The super hero film, starring Ezra Miller, opened up to $55 million in its first three days. This is a huge miss for the film's expectations. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio was hoping for a global opening of $130 million. In the number two spot was Pixar's Elemental. The animated adventure about the elements brought in only $29.5 million dollars, which is the second lowest debut for Pixar, right behind Toy Story, which only earned $29 million during its first weekend.
Congrats to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker: They're expecting a baby! Kardashian made headlines Friday night while attending a Blink 182 concert, where she was spotted holding up a sign that read  "Travis I'm pregnant," which is actually a call back to the music video of the band's 1999 hit "All the Small Things." If you're a fan of the Hulu show The Kardashians then you know it's no secret that Kourtney and Travis have been trying to have a child. On a recent episode, Kourtney said this of the baby journey: "We would love a baby more than anything," adding "whatever's meant to be. We have a full, blessed life."