Your Cheddar hosts Kristen Scholer and Tim Stenovec discuss the top news in personal finance, the market, and business. Thanks to a loophole, debt collectors are now working with local courts to jail anyone who is behind on paying their loans. Plus. how one entrepreneur quit her job live on Periscope and is now helping others create successful businesses.

But first, when you think of the most popular city for tech jobs Silicon Valley most likely comes to mind. However, new data shows that other cities are emerging as tech hotbeds and they are even more affordable than California. Alex Mahavedan, Data Journalist at The Penny Hoarder joins Your Cheddar to discuss the top cities you may want to consider when looking for a tech job right out of college.

And market volatility is on everyone's mind but how can you protect your finances from the ebb and flow of the market? Chris Hutchins, Founder and CEO of Grove, joins Your Cheddar to discuss how to prepare yourself financially if you want to jump into investing.