By Carlo Versano

The competition is on for new medicinal marijuana licenses in New Jersey after Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy prioritized cannabis production when he took office. The CEO of one potential licensee, Moxie, thinks the state has "passed the tipping point" for accepting medical pot at the state level.

Jordan Lams, founder and CEO of the medicinal marijuana producer, told Cheddar as he awaited news on whether his company had been awarded one of the licenses that Moxie has a fully built-out, 16-acre farm and greenhouse operation at the ready ー which would help New Jersey get its operations up to scale quickly.

"The state can count on us to do what we say we will," he said.

Lams praised Gov. Murphy for "taking ownership" of medical marijuana policy after it had languished under previous administrations.

There is now so much pent-up demand from patients Lams said, that the state has concerns over shortages.

The license that Moxie hopes to win is a fully-integrated, "seed-to-sale" license, though Lams said he will also apply for licenses to just grow and process, if this one is not granted.

Lams, who started a career in medical marijuana after his younger sister died of leukemia, now advocates for responsible regulations in the nascent cannabis industry.

He said he's seeing a market that's "developing every day."

"Every day someone who never would have touched this before is really coming into the marketplace. It's global at this point."

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