Rupert Murdoch is calling out Facebook, saying the social media site should pay publishers a carriage fee for the content on its site, just like cable companies do. Murdoch said Facebook and Google show news sources that are profitable but unreliable. Alex Heath, Senior Reporter with Cheddar, comments on whether we could see Facebook and Google develop a cable-like relationship with publishers.

Heath said Facebook and Google won't have a cable-like relationship with publishers because they are directly competing for the same ad dollars. The Senior Reporter called the duo "frenemies" and added that it's not appropriate to draw a parallel to the way cable companies operate.

We also hit on two other Facebook headlines. The social media company is reportedly buying Confirm, a software company that specializes in authenticating ID's. The acquisition is part of the social media giant's ongoing efforts to keep tabs on who it sells ads to.

In other Facebook news, some high level execs are coming and going. The Marketing Chief is stepping down, while a new A.I. Director is coming in. The social media company has been trying to break into the artificial intelligence space recently and even expanded its footprint overseas to grow the business. Heath said the hiring emphasizes Facebook's optimistic outlook on artificial intelligence, which is contrary to the doom-and-gloom outlook held by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.