Grammy award-winning singer and music icon Sheryl Crow has been busy preparing for her tour this summer coming off the heels of releasing her final album last summer.
The singer was also busy aiding the city of  Nashville, where she lives, by hosting a charitable clothing sale last weekend and donated the proceeds to a nonprofit. In light of the recent tornadoes that sent her to hunker down in her own basement and left areas of the city devastated, she knew she had to do something to help. 
"We’re going to donate a large portion, also, to help clean up the north Nashville area. We’re encouraging people to come down. We have bins for anyone who wants to donate paper towels, wipes, rubber gloves, work gloves, toilet paper, I mean they need everything," Crow told Cheddar on Thursday. 
Despite many artists canceling concert shows amid another disaster, the coronavirus outbreak, Crow says she does not plan on shuttering her own upcoming tour just yet. "We’re going to be touring in the summer and hopefully by that time we’ll know more and we’ll know how to equip ourselves," she said. 
The singer-songwriter released her first studio album in 1993, and since then she has seen a shift from artists fighting for their copyrights to artists fighting for compensation from digital sales. Crow said she’s "optimistic" about the future of the legal conflict with the recording industry.
"Great headway is being made. I know there is a bill right now that’s on the floor that's going to compete with a bill being introduced, so we’ll see where we get. I’m optimistic," she said. 
Crow also discussed her own future after releasing what she announced as her final studio album last summer, reassuring fans that it doesn't mean the end of her putting out new music.
"I’ve had incredible longevity to my career that has afforded me at this point to say ‘you know what, making albums is a long endeavor, it's quite expensive’," she said. "So, I’m just going to enjoy putting music out, I’m going to put it out as I feel like writing it because I feel like it’ll be important for people to hear and not wait for a whole project." 
And when the singer isn't putting a smile on the faces of fans with new music, she appears to be focused on her own smile, partnering with toothpaste brand Colgate for the launch of their new product, Colgate Optic White Renewal.  
"Your teeth are something that also shows your age. In the past we’ve had whiteners and they tend to always make your gums and teeth hurt, so when Colgate approached me about doing this I loved it," she said. "There's nothing like a bright smile."