By Bridgette Webb

Fitness start-up Naked Labs has raised $14 million in Series A funding to produce the market's first at-home body scanner.

The device includes a scale with sensors, a computer, and a stationary mirror to collect data on body fat, lean muscle mass, and circumferences. It can complete a body scan in 15 seconds and also tracks progress over time by offering side-by-side body comparisons.

The machine costs $1,395, a lofty sum for a fitness tracker. Though Naked Labs co-founders Ed Sclater and Farhad Farahbakhshian are betting that the high quality of the device will be worth it.

"It's a premium product with premium materials, and a lot of tech packed in," said Sclater in an interview Wednesday with Cheddar.

"This is a first-to-world product, we are creating a new category," added Farahbakhshian. "When LCD TV's first came out, they were $2,300."

Farahbakhshian said Naked Labs is very mindful of how much personal data users would be sharing.

"We made a deliberate decision early on that we are not going to own the data of the user, the data belongs to them," he said. "At any time they can delete their account and information and it's gone from our cloud servers."

Naked Labs' founders said the product will enable users to see the impact that diet, exercise, and other daily decisions have on their bodies.

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