Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.

Nancy Grace Talks DNA

Famed TV host and former prosecutor Nancy Grace appeared on Cheddar News this week to talk about her Peacock show Bloodline Detectives. The series examines how years-old cold cases are solved by using forensic evidence. Grace talked to Cheddar News' Baker Machado about the real-life implications the show and its findings are having on impacted families. "When you get the answer to the mystery, even decades later, you can finally begin to heal," she said.

TikTok's 'Gay Science' Guy

TikTok star and comedian Rob Anderson was here talking about his rise to stardom on social media. He also talked about his popular Gay Science posts and why they connect with his audience so well. "I am not a scientist myself, though I do love science, and I thought it would be fun to apply my own sort of fake science to stereotypes that exist on the internet to sort of play with proving them true with something that isn't," he said.

Remy Ma Talks 'My True Crime Story'

Rapper and host Remy Ma joined Between Bells to talk about the second season of VH1's My True Crime Story. She narrates the profiles of everyday people who got caught up in criminal activities but told Machado that she is no expert when it comes to crime. "I don't know if people think I'm like this crime guru [but] I'm really not. I'm just as shocked as some of you guys are when you're watching it for the first time," she said.

Acting Up with Brian d'Arcy James

Actor Brian d'Arcy James shared his experience working on the Paramount+ drama Evil, which just wrapped up its third season, and talked about his starring role with Into the Woods on Broadway. "This production has been such a joy to do for so many reasons, namely Stephen Sondheim, our late, great American icon of musical theater who recently passed away, sadly, but is here with us with all the great work that he has left behind — this show included," he said.

New Music From Simple Plan

Rock band Simple Plan stopped by Cheddquarters this week to talk about their song Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare's Over), from their latest album Harder Than it Looks. Funds raised from the music video will go to UNICEF to support Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion. "The whole thing was really a lot of love, a lot of people wanting to make a difference and getting together to make that video. It's very performance driven but also there's a backstory, so it's really about what's going on right now," guitarist Jeff Stinco said. The group also talked about their trending TikTok song I'm Just a Kid.