Cape Town's mayor says the city is less than 90 days away from running out of water. Actor, influencer, and creator Nash Grier joins Cheddar to discuss how he's dedicating his 20th birthday to help end the global water crisis. The star is partnering with the Thirst Project and Prizeo on a sweepstakes for a well-building trip to Swaziland.

Grier says he's always tried to use his influence to give back. He also explains why the water crisis is such a passion of his. Clean water can go a long way towards treating AIDS and malaria in some African countries.

Grier got his start on Vine before becoming one of the top influencers around the country. He discusses how he thinks social media has changed since he arrived on the scene. Although Vine no longer exists, Grier says he'd be interested in working on the rumored V2 follow-up to the video sharing app.