Today on Cheddar Esports: Overwatch League Commissioner, Nate Nanzer announces that he's leaving Activision Blizzard for Epic Games; and Apex Legends announces it's first official competitive tournament. Level Designer for Battalion 1944, Mark "Phantasy" Pinney recaps their opening weekend for Battalion 1944 first season and how snipers were becoming an issue; Broadcast Producer and Creative Executive for DreamHack, Dagny Veinberg announces an all-female CS:GO tournament taking place in July at DreamHack Valencia with a $100K prize pool; Esports Manager for North America PubG, Alex Penn recaps the NPL phase 2 with 16 teams competing for a $200K prize pool; and Hosts Jimmy Mondal and Zane Bhansali break down all the best esports highlights from the past week in another edition of "Eating Tape".