Major markets are trading near all-time highs. The trend has led many experts and investors to wonder when and if the markets will hit their limits. According to Mark Hackett, chief of investment research at Nationwide, the markets should continue to perform well.

Hackett joins Cheddar to give his take on the current financial environment. He says that the signs of irrational exuberance that analysts noticed before the 2000 and 2008 collapse are not showing in today's market. Individual borrowing and corporation borrowing are healthy, and Hackett thinks the biggest risk lies in government borrowing across the world.

Overall, Hackett is confident the markets will continue to experience clear skies and highs in 2018. Rather than compare today's market to 2008 or 2000, Hackett says markets today are similar to the mid-1990s, a time of global strength and low volatility.