It seems that each week, a new accusation of inappropriate-- and sometimes criminal--workplace behavior comes to light. This year, it started with Susan Fowler's post about her time at Uber. Then, accusations were made in the media industry against Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., and more. Our round table weighs in on the issue.

It seems no industry is free of these workplace issues. So how can companies prepare for, and handle, these scenarios? Liz Bentley, President of business consulting firm Liz Bentley Associates, and Emily Anne Epstein, Executive News Editor at Bustle, weigh in on how business owners can deal with workplace issues.

Bentley shares some of the advice she gives clients when they come to her with issues of harassment and workplace behavior. She says transparency is the key.

Epstein hones in on a key issue she has found through her reporting, which is the fact that many employees don't know their company's policies when it comes to workplace behavior. She says many business leaders are finding issues at the core of their company's culture.