NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal Touts Steady App as Game-Changer for Gig Workers

August 28, 2019
When Steady CEO Adam Roseman approached Shaquille O'Neal about working with his brand ー an app that helps workers find hourly, part-time, and on-demand work opportunities ー he caught the NBA legend's attention.
"I've never had a real job, but I understand [worker's] pain, watching my mom, watching my dad, watching my friends, watching relatives, work gigs," O'Neal told Cheddar on Wednesday. "When I met with Adam I thought, 'this is definitely going to change people's lives.'"
For Roseman, bringing the four-time NBA champion on board was a no-brainer.
"He and I had very similar upbringings," Roseman explained. "I don't have four rings on my finger that I can celebrate, but we both had very hardworking mothers."
O'Neal — better known as Shaq — has built a strong portfolio in his post-basketball career, investing in companies like Apple ($AAPL) and PepsiCo ($PEP), restaurant chains like Krispy Kreme and Papa John's ($PZZA), and even getting involved in e-sports.
Yet O'Neal is not just focused on profits.
"If I don't believe in the product, as an honest businessman, I can't take its money," he said. "I lost a lot of money trying to do it the 'get rich quick' way, so now I'm just focusing on changing people's lives, making people smile, making people happy, and I've been very, very successful."
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