NBCUniversal is giving its advertising strategy a makeover. The network vowing to reduce its ad load and planning to roll out new ad formats in the third and fourth quarters. Jason Lynch, Senior Editor of Television at AdWeek, was with us to explain why the move is the first of its kind.

NBCUniversal announced the length of ad time will be slashed 10% across the board. This is a response to the environment built by disruptors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Viewers are becoming accustom to these models that have no ad breaks at all, said Lynch. He added that we've seen experimentation with cutting back on commercials, but this is the first time we've seen something on this level from a traditional network.

NBCUniversal, along with several others in the industry, are committing to audience-based targeting, said Lynch. He said advertising used to be bought on age and gender demographics, but now data will be leveraged to target viewers based on deeper information such as whether they are searching for a home.