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  • R. Kelly: New Charges: R. Kelly is behind bars again, hours after an explosive TV interview in which he angrily denied all of the sexual assault allegations against him. The R&B singer was booked on $160,000 worth of unpaid child support. Meanwhile, Detroit police are reportedly looking into new allegations that Kelly abused a 13-year-old girl and gave her an STD in 2001. Read more here.

  • R. Kelly: Interview: Part 2 of Gayle King’s interview airs this morning, along with interviews with the two women Kelly calls his live-in girlfriends. CBS will show unaired parts of the 80-minute R. Kelly interview in a primetime special Friday night. Read more here.

  • Facebook Pivots: Facebook is making one of the biggest changes to its business strategy in its 15-year history. CEO Mark Zuckerberg now says he believes the future of communication is in private encrypted messages rather than public posts. Facebook will integrate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram so users can message one another across those networks. Read more here.

  • Space First: An all-female crew will conduct a spacewalk at the International Space Station for the first time later this month. Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will carry out the spacewalk on March 29 with help from a female flight controller running the show at Mission Control in Houston. Read more here.

  • No Democratic Debates on Fox: The Democratic National Committee will not allow Fox News to host a presidential primary debate. The decision was made following a bombshell expose in The New Yorker, which describes a way-too-cozy relationship between Fox News and President Trump. In response to the DNC decision, Trump tweeted: “Good, then I think I’ll do the same thing with the Fake News Networks and the Radical Left Democrats in the General Election debates!” Read more here.

  • Batali Out: Celebrity chef Mario Batali is giving up all of his restaurants more than a year after he was accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Batali sold all of his shares in 16 restaurants back to his partners, as well as his minority stake in the high-end Italian grocer Eataly. Read more here.

  • Amazon Pop-Ups: Amazon is closing all of its 87 pop-up stores in the U.S. next month. The company says it will expand Amazon Books stores and Amazon 4-Star stores, where products with high ratings are sold. Read more here.

  • Huawei Lawsuit: The Chinese telecom giant Huawei is suing the U.S. over a ban on its products. Huawei says it is unconstitutional for the federal government to bar it from selling equipment and services to federal agencies. The U.S. has alleged that Huawei acts as an arm of the Chinese government. Read more here.

  • Trebek Cancer: Alex Trebek has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The 78-year-old "Jeopardy" host made the announcement in a video to fans, saying he would continue to work and fight the disease. Only 3 percent of stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients survive five years. Watch it here.

  • Olive Oil Shortage: Extreme weather caused by climate change is devastating Italy’s olive oil industry and may force the country to import one of its most essential culinary staples. Production has plummeted due to extreme temperature fluctuations and frost, which ravage olive trees. Read more here.

  • Munchies: Sales of ice cream, potato chips, and cookies have significantly increased in states where marijuana was legalized, according to a new study. Colorado, Washington, and Oregon all saw snack food sales spike ー in some cases more than 5 percent ー after those states made it legal to smoke weed recreationally. Read more here.

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