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  • Mueller Preview: A redacted version of the special counsel’s report on Russian meddling in the 2016 election is being made public today. Attorney General William Barr will hold a press conference at 9:30 a.m. ET to discuss the investigation’s findings -- before they are released. The New York Times is reporting that the Justice Dept. has had numerous conversations with the White House to prep the administration ahead of the release. What to look for.

  • North Korea Test: North Korea tested a new tactical guided weapon with a “powerful warhead.” Leader Kim Jong-un oversaw the test, which comes as negotiations between the North and the U.S. remain stuck at a standstill. NPR.

  • Notre Dame: The Latest: There are around 50 investigators looking into the cause of Monday’s fire at Notre Dame Cathedral as more than $1 billion has now been pledged toward the restoration effort. CBS News.

  • Notre Dame: The Damage: New aerial photos show the scale of the damage to the roof of the cathedral. See pics.

  • Notre Dame: The Bees: The beekeeper of Notre Dame, Nicolas Géant, awaits word on the fate of his 18,000 bees that live in hives on the roof of the sacristy. Géant says he’s been kept away by police and firefighters. NBC News.

  • Arrest at St. Patrick’s: New York City Police arrested a man carrying gas cans, lighter fluid and lighters as he attempted to enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Police say they don’t know what his intentions were, but that he may be emotionally disturbed. NBC News identified the man as an adjunct lecturer at the City University of New York. NBC News.

  • Columbine Threat: The woman alleged to be “infatuated” with the mass shooting at Columbine who made credible threats that led to the closure of Denver-area schools has committed suicide. The body of Sol Pais was discovered near a Colorado ski resort following a large manhunt. The 20th anniversary of Columbine is Saturday. USA Today.

  • ’Partly Alive’: In a major medical breakthrough, researchers were able to restore some activity in the cells of the brains of slaughtered pigs. Scientists at Yale pumped the brains full of a blood substitute, which showed flickers of metabolic activity even though the pigs had been dead for hours. The findings, considered very preliminary, could one day have implications for humans with severe brain injuries or diseases like Alzheimer’s. NY Times.

  • Tech IPOs: Two tech “unicorns” are set to go public today, the latest in a wave of new Silicon Valley IPOs tapping the public markets for equity. Pinterest shares will debut at $19 per share while Zoom, the remote video conferencing company, will open at $36. Those prices value the companies at around $10 billion each. Yahoo Finance.

  • Insta Gone: The Instagram account of Isabella Giannulli appears to be no more. It’s unknown if Giannulli, the daughter of actress Lori Loughlin who’s been charged in the college admissions scandal, took the page down herself or if it was disabled by Instagram. Her sister Olivia Jade’s account is still up -- but comments have been disabled. NBC News.

  • Spotted: Cardi B in a very revealing outfit in her husband Offset’s new music video. See pic.

  • Time 100: TIME magazine’s most influential people issue includes Sandra Oh, Pope Francis, Gayle King, as well as both Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. This year’s edition has the most women since the magazine started the annual list. See list.

  • Fun with Fonts: Helvetica, the world’s most popular font, just got a facelift. It’s called Helvetica Now and is the first update since Helvetica Neue was created in 1983. Helvetica can be found everywhere from New York subway signs to American Airlines’ logo. Helvetica Now includes rounder punctuation, Rs with straight legs and an updated @ symbol. See it.

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