These are the headlines you Need 2 Know.

  • Israel Elections: It appears Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won another term in office after gaining enough votes to form a new government. Netanyahu is headed for victory over political newcomer Benny Gantz, after an extremely tight race in which both sides declared victory. This would be Netanyahu’s fifth term in office. Wash Post.

  • Immigration: President Trump backpedaled on his reported desire to reinstate the controversial family separation policy at the border. “We’re not looking to do that,” he said, but added that the lack of such a policy is leading to the surge in migrant crossings: “They’re coming like it’s a picnic, because let’s go to Disneyland.” AP.

  • Measles 911: The New York City mayor declared a public health emergency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn due to the spread of measles in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. The city will require unvaccinated people in that neighborhood to receive the vaccination or face a fine. It comes as the CDC added 78 new confirmed cases to the nationwide outbreak. NY Times.

  • Operation Varsity Blues: Lori Loughlin and 15 other parents were indicted on new charges stemming from the college admissions scandal. The new indictment charges them with money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud. NPR.

  • 737 Max Orders: Airlines have completely stopped ordering Boeing’s best-selling 737 Max jet while it remains grounded. According to Boeing’s own numbers, only 10 of the planes were ordered in the first two months of the year, and none in March, when a 737 Max crashed for the second time in five months. CNN.

  • NBA Legends: Magic: Magic Johnson abruptly quit as head of basketball operations for the L.A. Lakers after a disastrous season that led to LeBron James missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. Magic reportedly resigned without telling the Lakers front office in advance. OC Register.

  • NBA Legends: Wade: Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade dropped 30 points in his final regular season home game in the NBA. Before the game, Budweiser released an emotional tribute to the future Hall of Famer. Five people who Wade helped over the years off the court are featured in the video. Watch here.

  • NBA Legends: Nowitzki: Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki announced after much speculation that this would be his last season in the NBA. Basketball greats like Larry Bird, Scottie Pippin and Shawn Kemp honored Nowitzki in an emotional tribute. Deadspin.

  • The Talk: Sara Gilbert, co-host and executive producer of The Talk on CBS says she’s leaving at the end of the season. Gilbert, who stars in The Conners, wants to focus on being an actress and producer. Her last show is August 2. People.

  • Spotted: Serena Williams and her mini-me daughter, Alexis Olympia, in matching outfits. See pic.

  • Walrus Deaths: Netflix is defending itself after viewers complained that a scene in the docu-series Our Planet showing walruses plunging to their death over a rocky cliff was too traumatic. In the graphic footage, the walruses are said to be falling due to the lack of ice caused by climate change. Some prominent experts say it’s actually because they were trying to escape polar bears. TMZ.

  • Event Horizon: At 9 a.m. ET today, astronomers will unveil what are expected to be the first-ever photos taken of a black hole. A global network of radio telescopes is being used together to create one large dish that can capture images of two nearby black holes: one at the center of our galaxy that weighs as much as 4 million suns, and one in a nearby galaxy that is thought to weigh more than 6 billion suns. Futurism.

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