These are the headlines you Need 2 Know.

  • Biden Speaks: Former Vice President Joe Biden says he “will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future” following accusations from multiple women that he made them uncomfortable. Biden released a video addressing the issue for the first time. It’s widely believed he will soon announce a bid for the presidency. Watch.

  • Ethiopia Crash Report: Investigators in Ethiopia have released details from a preliminary report into the fatal crash of a Boeing 737 Max jet last month. The country's transport minister says the flight crew followed Boeing's procedures properly and were still not able to control the plane. ABC News.

  • Lunch Lawsuit: States are suing the Trump administration over school lunches. A group of states led by New York is suing over the rollback of nutrition standards including sodium restrictions and more whole grains in the lunches that were put in place under President Obama. The Hill.

  • Vaping & Seizures: The FDA is investigating whether electronic cigarettes can cause seizures. Officials have reviewed 35 cases, mostly involving young people, who reported having seizures after smoking from an e-cig. Meanwhile, in a sign of how popular vaping has become, cigarette sales plunged 9 percent in March. CBS News.

  • Finance Bro-pocalypse: Patagonia is making changes to which corporations can slap logos on its popular fleece vests. The outerwear company says it will shift its focus to work with “mission-driven companies that prioritize the planet.” The Patagonia vest has become a staple of Wall Street and Silicon Valley start-ups. Bloomberg.

  • 5G: Verizon flipped the switch on its 5G service in two cities, Chicago and Minneapolis, which will give cellular customers access to speeds up to 10x faster than LTE. Verizon said it hopes to roll out 5G to 30 more markets this year. South Korea’s three mobile carriers also rolled out 5G services. CNBC.

  • Joker Trailer: The first trailer for the much-anticipated DC movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker is out. The origin story will be released in October. Watch.

  • Top Baby Names: The most popular baby names so far this year are Posie, for a girl, and Milo, for a boy, according to Nameberry. Others topping the list are Isla, Olivia, Jasper and Atticus. Motherly.

  • Spotted: Lori Loughlin fans holding up masks of the actress outside her court appearance in the college admissions criminal case. Neither Loughlin nor Felicity Huffman entered a plea in court. See pic.

  • Britney Spears: Britney Spears has reportedly been admitted to a mental health facility. The singer recently put a halt to her residency in Vegas to care for her father, who’s said to be seriously ill. Spears reportedly has been having a hard time amid her dad’s health problems. TMZ.

  • Wheelchair for Cillian: A high-school robotics team stepped in to help out a family in need after their insurance wouldn’t cover an expensive wheelchair for their disabled son. Students at Farmington High School in Minnesota built a custom power wheelchair from a Power Wheels toy, using a 3D-printed joystick and bike carrier. They then presented it to 2-year-old Cillian Jackson, who suffers from a disease similar to cerebral palsy. The wheelchair he needs costs as much as $20,000. USA Today.

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