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  • Big Picture: Democrats flipped the House of Representatives and gained some pivotal governorships, while Republicans were able to keep control of the Senate, even picking up seats, in an unusually high turnout for a midterm election. With control of the House, Democrats have a check on President Trump’s power for the first time in his presidency. That means legislative gridlock, investigations, and potentially even impeachment. NY Times.

  • Notable Races: Georgia: It’s not over in the contentious governor’s race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams. Kemp holds a thin lead over Abrams, who said she wouldn’t concede the race until more absentee ballots were counted.AJC. Texas: Ted Cruz will serve another term. The Republican senator from Texas beat rival Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat who had raised more than $60 million and energized liberals around the country. El Paso Times. Florida: Republican Ron DeSantis edged out Democrat Andrew Gillum in the hotly contested governor’s race, while Rick Scott looked like he would prevail in the Senate. Tampa Bay Times.

  • Firsts: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the progressive from New York, became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and Ilhan Omar in Minnesota are the first Muslim congresswomen. In Colorado, Jared Polis will be the first openly gay man elected governor.More firsts.

  • Polling Problems: Voters across the country faced problems at the polls. In one Georgia county, people waited hours while election workers searched for power cords for the machines. In New York, jammed machines backed up already-long lines.Wash Post.

  • Ballot Measures: Voters passed many of the high-profile initiatives on the ballot in different states, including marijuana legalization in Michigan, minimum wage hikes in Arkansas and Missouri, and the restoration of voting rights for 1.5 million former felons in Florida.Vox.

  • Amazon Toy Catalog: Amazon is sending out its first-ever toy catalog, called ‘A Holiday of Play.’ The catalog will feature items from its Echo Dot for kids to dolls and action figures--but won’t contain any prices. For those, you’ll have to go online. Engadget.

  • **Spotted...:**Celebs--including actress Eva Longoria and actor John Stamos-- at the polls with their kids in tow.See pics.

  • Michael Douglas: Michael Douglas now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At Tuesday’s ceremony the actor said he’s “not getting any younger” and joked he’ll share the award with his “caretakers” and his “great-great-grandkids.” People.

  • Baldwin Bumped: ABC will no longer be airing ‘The Alec Baldwin Show’ on Sundays. Following the actor’s arrest for allegedly punching someone over a parking spot, the network said it will air remaining episodes on Saturdays beginning December 8.Hollywood Reporter.

  • Leftovers: People placed their “I Voted” stickers all over Susan B. Anthony’s grave. Anthony led the movement that ultimately gave women the right to vote.See pic.

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