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  • HIV Cure: A second person is reported to have been cured of HIV, 12 years after the first. While scientists technically are calling it a “long-term remission,” most experts say it’s effectively a cure. In both cases, it happened as a result of a bone-marrow transplant meant to treat cancer in the patients. The report is being published today in the journal Nature. Read more here.

  • Deep Freeze: A massive arctic blast is about to cover a huge swath of the U.S., from Texas to Georgia, bringing temperatures that are 30 to 40 degrees below normal. The frigid temps will make things even more difficult for Alabama residents who are starting to clean up from deadly tornadoes. Search and rescue teams are still looking for survivors, and many residents had their homes destroyed. Read more here.

  • Luke Perry: Obit: Actor Luke Perry has died at the age of 52 following a massive stroke. Perry gained heartthrob status in the ‘90s as Dylan McKay on "Beverly Hills, 90210." More recently, he played Fred Andrews on "Riverdale." That show has reportedly stopped production so that Perry’s colleagues can grieve. Perry is survived by his two children. Read the obituary here.

  • Luke Perry: Tributes: Celebs and co-stars are taking to social media to remember Perry. See their reaction here.

  • House Investigation: House Democrats have begun a broad new corruption investigation into the Trump administration. The Judiciary Committee is requesting documents from more than 80 people and agencies with ties to the president, from his inaugural committee to his adult sons. The committee chairman said the House is no longer content to wait for the results of the special counsel investigation. Read more here.

  • No 2020: Hillary Clinton has officially ruled out a run for the presidency in 2020. Clinton told her local station: “I’m not running but I’m gonna keep working, speaking and standing up for what I believe.” Read more here.

  • Royal Trolls: The British royal family has released "Social Media Community Guidelines" asking users to show courtesy, kindness, and respect and refrain from defamatory, obscene and offensive comments on official royal social media channels. The guidelines come amid persistent negative comments relating to Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Read more here.

  • Pumping the Breaks: Volvo will begin limiting the top speed on all its models to 180 kpm, or about 112 mph. The Swedish automaker, known for safety, said the move is meant to send a “strong signal about the dangers of speeding.” Read more here.

  • Sports: Tiger Pulls Out: Tiger Woods has pulled out of this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational due to a neck strain that he says he’s had for a few weeks. The golfer says he hopes to be ready for The Players, which begins at the end of next week. Read more here.

  • Sports: SF Giants: San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer will “take personal time away from the Giants” after a video of Bear fighting with his wife went viral. In the video, Baer is seen attempting to grab a cell phone out of his wife’s hands. She can be heard yelling “help me” after falling to the ground. Read more here.

  • Netflix v. Spielberg: Netflix is responding to Steven Spielberg’s push to have films distributed primarily on streaming platforms banned from Oscar contention. The director has said that in order to be eligible for an Academy Award, a film should have to be shown exclusively in theaters for a certain window. Netflix said in a statement that it’s proud to offer more people an opportunity to see movies at the same time and give filmmakers a new way to show their work. Read more here.

  • ’GOT’ First Look: Entertainment Weekly scored an exclusive (spoiler-free) behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming "Game of Thrones" final season. Read it here.

  • Virgin Makeup: Virgin Atlantic will no longer require female flight attendants to wear makeup. The airline is updating its guidelines after getting feedback from employees. It will also give female crew members a pair of pants as part of their uniform, instead of just red skirts. British Airways still reportedly requires its female cabin crew to wear makeup. Read more here.

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