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  • ISIS: Leader Alive: The Islamic State released a video of their leader for the first time in five years. The short clip shows a haggard-looking Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi sitting on the floor next to a rifle. He acknowledges ISIS’ recent defeat in Syria and blames it on the “savagery” of Christians. In a separate audio message, Al-Baghdadi takes credit for the attacks in Sri Lanka. Guardian.

  • ISIS: Sri Lanka: The president of Sri Lanka confirmed that, saying the Easter Sunday bombers had “very clear” links to ISIS and that ISIS fighters provided training for that coordinated attack, which killed more than 250 people. The Sri Lankan government also lifted the ban on social media that was instituted immediately following those bombings. CNN.

  • Plot Foiled: An Army veteran was charged with plotting terror attacks in and around Los Angeles as retribution for last month’s New Zealand mosque attack. Federal prosecutors say Mark Steven Domingo was a recent convert to Islam and was trying to build pressure-cooker bombs packed with nails in order to detonate them at a white nationalist rally last weekend. He was also eyeing targets that included synagogues and the Santa Monica pier. CNN.

  • Rosenstein Resigns: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is resigning, effective May 11. Rosenstein had been expected to step down last month and President Trump already has a replacement lined up -- Deputy Transportation Secretary Jeffrey Rosen. Rosenstein appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in May of 2017 and had a tumultuous two-year tenure as the No. 2 official at the Justice Dept. Reuters.

  • Russian Whale: A beluga whale found in Arctic Norway with a harness labeled “Equipment St. Petersburg” is raising alarm bells that the whale is somehow being used by the Russian military. AP.

  • Have It Your Way: Burger King’s testing of the vegan Impossible Whopper has gone so well in St. Louis that the burger chain plans to make the plant-based meat substitute from Impossible Foods available at all of its locations by the end of the year. Unlike veggie burgers, the new class of vegan meat replacements are said to taste nearly identical to beef. Business Insider.

  • Spotify Milestone: Spotify has become the first streaming service to hit 100 million paying members. The company reported a sharp increase in active users, though it still doesn’t make any money. Apple Music has about half Spotify’s global subscribers, but is growing at a faster pace. The Verge.

  • Trailblazing Director Dies: John Singleton has died after suffering a stroke earlier this month. Singleton, 51, wrote and directed Boyz n The Hood, for which he became the first African-American to be nominated for an Oscar. Singleton was taken off life support by his family on Monday. Variety.

  • Woodstock Cancelled: The investors behind the 50th anniversary Woodstock concert have thrown in the towel. Woodstock 50 was cancelled after the organizers said they wouldn’t be able to pull off the event in time. The three-day festival was to take place near the site of the original Woodstock in upstate New York this August, and include headliners like Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus and Santana. NPR.

  • Royal Baby Watch: The royal maternity team has reportedly been put on notice that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s child could be arriving any day now. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have kept the due date of their first-born under wraps and have opted to deliver the baby at a different hospital from the famed Lindo Wing, where Princess Diana and Kate Middleton gave birth. AOL.

  • Tweet Fail: Chase Bank didn’t quite get the response it was seeking after tweeting a #MondayMotivation post on being fiscally responsible, that led to criticism it was “poor-shaming.” Chase took down the post, tweeting “Our #MondayMotivation is to get better at #MondayMotivation tweets.” NBC News.

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