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  • Kavanaugh Denies Allegations in Fox Interview: Brett Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley sat down for an interview with Fox News on Monday evening and the Supreme Court nominee said, “The truth is I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise.” This type of sit-down interview is unprecedented for Supreme Court nominees, who typically remain under the radar during their confirmation process. Kavanaugh also said he was a virgin in high school and for “many years” after, and he “will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process.” Kavanaugh will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday alongside his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Watch the full interview here.

  • Florence: The $50 Billion Hurricane: It’s been 10 days since Hurricane Florence hit the coastal Carolinas, but hundreds of roads remain closed, thousands of residents are still out of their homes, and responders are still in the process of rescuing hundreds from flooding. Florence is one of the top 10 most expensive hurricanes in U.S. history, with tentative damage estimates around $50 billion. North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper warned on Sunday: “Florence continues to bring misery to North Carolina.” Read more here.

  • Marijuana Convictions Cleared in Wash. State: A Seattle court has agreed to clear low-level charges and dismiss misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession if they were filed before pot was legalized in Washington state. City Attorney Pete Holmes filed a motion in April arguing that possessing small amounts of marijuana is no longer illegal and this step would “right the injustices of a drug war that has primarily targeted people of color.” About 542 people could be affected by this decision. Read more here.

  • A Rebrand for Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers announced on Monday that it will be changing its name to WW to better reflect its focus on overall health and wellness -- and not just weight loss. Since Mindy Grossman took over as CEO last year, the company has attempted to make its programs appealing to a broader base of people, including males. Oprah Winfrey, a board member and major shareholder, said: “I believe we will continue to inspire people not only to eat well, but to move more, connect with others and continue to experience the joys of everyday life.” Shares of WW rose more than 4 percent Monday on the news. Read more here.

  • Merger Time for Music: SiriusXM announced Monday that it plans to buy Pandora for $3.5 billion, creating what the station says will become the largest audio entertainment corporation in the world. Pandora will provide access to a new user base for Sirius, which is known for its popularity with drivers and commuters. At its founding, Pandora was a pioneer in the streaming business but has struggled to remain competitive amid the rise of Spotify and Apple Music. Read more on Cheddar.

  • Michael Kors Makes Its Versace Deal Official: The American sportswear and handbag maker confirmed on Tuesday it will take over Italian fashion house Versace for $2.1 billion and change its name to Capri Holdings once the deal closes. Versace's creative director Donatella, who has run the brand since the murder of her brother Gianni in 1997, will “continue to lead the company’s creative vision,” Michael Kors’s CEO John Idol said. The company also purchased high-end shoe designer Jimmy Choo last year for $1.2 billion. Read more here.

  • Baker Time for the Browns: The Cleveland Browns named Baker Mayfield as the starting quarterback for Week 4 after he led the team last week to its first win since 2016. Mayfield brought the Browns back from a 14-0 deficit to defeat the New York Jets 21-17 on Thursday night. After Browns coach Hue Jackson announced on Monday that Mayfield would start Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, Mayfield said, “I didn’t come here just to win one game, and I didn’t come here just to start the next… We’re building a franchise here, and we’re turning it around. It’s about culture.” Read more here.

  • Scrabble Dictionary Upgrade: Merriam-Webster released the sixth edition of the "Official Scrabble Players Dictionary" on Monday, adding 300 new words, including sriracha, twerk, emoji, and OK. The last edition of the vaunted dictionary was released four years ago. Read more here.

  • J.Lo Takes a Tumble: Jennifer Lopez was seen falling on stage Saturday at her Las Vegas residency show “All I Have.” She quickly got back up and acted as if the incident never happened. Many of her famous friends were in the audience, including Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Dua Lipa, and of course, her boyfriend ex-Yankee Alex Rodriguez. See the video here.

  • Coolest Neighborhoods: TimeOut just released its list of the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world. The publication polled more than 15,000 people around the world as part of its City Life Index survey. Embajadores, Madrid, ranked as number one, followed by Euljiro, Seoul, and Nueva Villa de Aburra, Medellin. Highland Park in Los Angeles was the only U.S. neighborhood to nab a top 10 seat. See the list here.

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