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  • Manafort Sentenced: President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was sentenced to 47 months in prison for financial fraud, far lower than the 19- to 24-year sentencing guideline. Judge T.S. Ellis called those guidelines unnecessarily harsh. Manafort still could get more time: he’ll be sentenced in a separate corruption case next week. Read more here.

  • Michael Cohen: Lawsuit: Michael Cohen is suing the Trump Organization for nearly $2 million over unpaid legal expenses. Cohen claims the company promised him in 2017 that his legal bills would be paid after he began cooperating with prosecutors. Read more here.

  • Michael Cohen: Pardoned: Meanwhile, the prospect of a presidential pardon for Cohen was reportedly raised several times between his lawyers and attorneys representing President Trump. That would contradict Cohen’s testimony in front of Congress last week. Read more here.

  • Anti-Hate Legislation: The House voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, racism, and hate speech after freshman Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar sparked controversy over criticism of Israel. Read more here.

  • Something Fishy: The fish you buy at stores and restaurants may not actually be the fish the label claims it to be. A new study from the group Oceana found that one in five samples of fish were mislabeled and one in three businesses sold mislabeled fish. A high-priced fish may actually be a much cheaper, different type of fish. Read more here.

  • Americans’ Net Worth: The net worth of American households decreased by nearly $4 trillion in the last quarter, making it the steepest loss since the financial crisis. Much of that had to do with the steep market declines at the end of 2018. This week marked 10 years since the stock market bottomed during the recession. Read more here.

  • Killer Find: An unusual type of killer whale known as “type D” has been found in the ocean near Antarctica, after scientists spent years looking for the breed. These whales have rounded heads and pointier fins than other killer whales. See the pic here.

  • Airbnb-Tonight: Airbnb says it will buy the last-minute booking app HotelTonight in its biggest acquisition yet. With an IPO planned for this year, Airbnb has been broadening its platform and now includes concierge services and city tours. Read more here.

  • Disney Vault: Disney plans to make its entire catalog ー known internally as the “vault” ー available on its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. The company is famously sparing in how it markets and sells its classic films, typically bringing them back only on anniversaries. The shift in strategy means Disney+ subscribers will be able to stream anything from "Dumbo" to "Frozen" on demand. Read more here.

  • Spotted: A giant unicorn tattoo on SNL comedian Pete Davidson, as seen on the Instagram of the tattoo artist who said he inked it. See the pic here.

  • International Women’s Day: Today is International Women’s Day. This year's theme is #BalanceforBetter, to promote gender equality in the workplace and elsewhere. The first International Women’s Day was in 1914; the day's official color is purple. Read an explainer of its history and purpose here.

  • Insta Queen: Queen Elizabeth is doing it for the gram. In her first Instagram post, her majesty writes of her visit to the Science Museum and shares a letter written by inventor Charles Babbage to her great-great-grandfather, Prince Albert. See the post here.

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