These are the headlines you Need 2 Know.

  • Measles Outbreak: The number of U.S. measles cases in the first three months of 2019 already tops the amount of cases in all of 2018. Through March of this year, the U.S. has seen 387 cases while the entirety of last year consisted of 372. ABC News.

  • Nipsey Hussle Vigil: At least 19 people were hurt when a stampede broke out at a vigil for the slain rapper Nipsey Hussle in L.A. Police are looking for a suspect in that murder: a 29-year-old man named Eric Holder. USA Today.

  • Immigration Czar: President Trump is reportedly considering the appointment of an “immigration czar” to head up his immigration policies. Those said to be in the running for the new position are Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state, and Ken Cuccinelli, former attorney general of Virginia. AP.

  • Buttigieg Boom: Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he’s raised $7 million so far this year without having virtually any ground game. Known as Mayor Pete, the 37-year-old, openly gay, war veteran underdog has been making waves in the early Democratic field despite having little experience and a nearly unpronounceable name. (It’s BOOT-edge-edge.) Indy Star.

  • Equal Pay Day: Today is “Equal Pay Day,” which symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. People will be wearing red to mark the day. Women still make approximately 80 cents on the dollar compared to their white male counterparts. The Root.

  • Impossible Whopper: The alternative meat trend is taking a big step into the mainstream. Burger King will add a vegetarian version of the Whopper with a plant-based patty to the menu in partnership with Impossible Foods, which says it tastes nearly identical to beef. Time.

  • Jagger Heart Surgery: Mick Jagger is set to undergo heart valve surgery this week. The news comes after the Rolling Stones postponed the North American part of their tour. The 75-year-old frontman is in excellent health and is expected to make a full recovery. Rolling Stone.

  • David Blaine: The New York City Police Department is investigating sexual assault allegations made by two women against magician David Blaine. At least one of the two claims stems from an alleged incident in the late ‘90s. Daily Beast.

  • Avocado SOS: If President Trump shuts down the U.S.-Mexico border, avocados may be hard to come by. The U.S. would run out of the popular fruit in three weeks, according to Mission Produce, the largest international distributor and grower of avocados. They wouldn’t be the only casualty; the U.S. relies on Mexico for other fruit, vegetables and alcohol. NBC News.

  • LA vs. NY: In one of the more clever April Fools’ Day pranks, the Los Angeles Times trolled New York City’s holier-than-thou attitude toward other cities’ food scenes in a prank column. “Seemingly an unlivable urban wasteland,” NYC actually has an “expanding dining scene” that includes such fare as … pizza and bagels. Read it.

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