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  • NZ Gun Ban: New Zealand will ban all military-style semiautomatic rifles, high-capacity magazines and parts that can modify guns into the kinds of weapons used in last week’s mosque attacks. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “it’s about all of us, it’s in the national interest and it’s about safety.” Her political opponents have already said they will support the ban. Read more here.

  • Trump & McCain: President Trump criticized the late Sen. John McCain for the second time in two days, telling a crowd in Ohio that he never got credit for granting McCain a state funeral and saying “I’ve never liked him much.” McCain died of brain cancer in August. Read more here.

  • Harvard Suit: Harvard University has been sued by a descendant of slaves who claims the university has “shamelessly” profited from photos of her purported ancestors. The Connecticut woman is demanding Harvard turn over the photos and wants damages. Read more here.

  • Airlines Ranked: Delta is the best airline in the U.S., according to an annual report from the popular Points Guy website. The study considered timeliness, customer satisfaction and lost baggage among other factors. Alaskan Airlines came in second while Frontier ranked last. Read more here.

  • Levi’s IPO: The company that invented blue jeans is going public, 145 years later. Levi Strauss starts trading under the ticker LEVI today, with shares priced at $17. Read more here.

  • AirPods: Apple announced an update to its hugely popular Airpods that feature more talk time, hands-free Siri and an optional wireless charging case. It’s the second time Apple has made a surprise product announcement this week, ahead of next Monday’s streaming service launch. Read more here.

  • Madness Begins: March Madness kicks off this afternoon with the first games in the three-week NCAA tournament. If you haven’t filled out a bracket, you’ve got until noon E.T. to make it count. Duke is heavily favored to go all the way this year on the back of its freshman phenom Zion Williamson. Read more here.

  • Happy People: Finland is the happiest country in the world, according to the UN’s annual World Happiness Report. America ranks 19th. The world’s unhappiest: South Sudan. Read more here.

  • Most Excellent News: The third Bill & Ted movie is officially happening. "Bill & Ted Face the Music" is slated for release in summer 2020 and will star Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter once again. The actors announced the rumored flick on YouTube. Watch it here.

  • Snake Pit: Forty-five rattlesnakes were found underneath a Texas home, after the homeowner reported seeing “a few.” The snakes were discovered when the man crawled underneath the house after his cable went out. Watch the video here.

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